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Saddlemans Product Sizing by Collection Type

*Sizes are only an approximation. Cowhide is a natural product and no two will ever be alike. 

**Upholstery information noted at the bottom.

Natural and Solid Dyed Hides

Standard Sizes-

Medium – 6’ x 6’ Large – 6’ x 7.5’  XL- 6.5’ x  7.5’

Oversized (when available)-

XXL -  6.75’ x 7.5’ XXXL- 7’ x 7.5’   XXXXL- 7’ x 8’  XXXXXL 7.5’ x 8’

Metallic Hides

1 size only and averages a Large. 

Approximately 6   x  7.5’

Stenciled/Laser/Embossed Hides   

1 size only and averages a Large. 

Approximately 6’  x  7.5’

Leather Trimmed

2 sizes

 Large – 6’ x 7.5’
 XL- 6.5’ x  7.5’

Bundle & Save

Our Natural 4 Hide Bundles average a size Large 6’ x 7.5’


3 standard size offerings that include a complimentary down filler.

 22x13 18x18 22x22

Custom Designed Rugs

Our custom designed rugs come in any size you like. Keep in mind in order to keep the pattern integrity on the outside, some patterns chosen will fall a few inches over/under on either side.

Your Account Manager will discuss these with you at the time a formal order is made.

*Any rug whose smallest side is over 9’6” will be subject to an additional $5/sq ft due to oversized flight fees.

Hides for Upholstery Purposes

*We recommend erring to the side of caution and using the bottom of the range.

It is always better to have extra than to fall short and attempt to find a “match” at a later time.

M (28-36 sq ft)  L (37-42 sq ft)  XL (43-47 sq ft)

XXL (48-50 sq ft) XXXL (51-53 sq ft) XXXXL (54-57 sq ft) XXXXXL (58-62 sq ft)