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Care Instructions

How to Care for your new Cowhide products 

Saddlemans Brazilian Cowhides are a durable, high-end natural product that will last for many years to come when properly cared for. Cowhide rugs, like all natural products, will wear over time. Taking proper care of your cowhide is necessary to prolong its beauty, luster, and life!


Overall Maintenance

- Lay cowhide on a flat surface when received to release any creases it has sustained during shipping.

- Always keep cowhide rug in a dry environment.

- Place cowhide in a low-traffic area when possible and away from direct sunlight.

- Rotate cowhide as needed so the rug wears evenly.


Removing Dust & Debris

- Use a vacuum on the lowest setting without the beater bar touching the rug. If possible, turn off the beater bar.

- Or simply give it a good shake outside.


Cleaning up Spots or Spills

- Soak up any liquid from spills as quickly as possible to prevent it from soaking into the hide with paper towel, soft cloth or sponge.

- Clean area using fresh water and a mild soap such as Dawn dish soap or similar product using a soft cloth or sponge brushing lightly in the direction of the hair. Once the area is cleaned, remove any remaining soap or debris with a clean cloth or sponge.

- If the hide becomes wet on the underside, it is necessary for the hide to dry on both sides first. We suggest leaving the hide in a shaded area away from direct sunlight to allow for drying before using again.


Creases & Folds

- If a fold or crease remains after several days of laying flat, it can easily be removed by lightly moistening the hide on both sides with water, then using an Iron, with a piece of cloth in-between (to not burn the hair) until folds are gone. In general, ironing on one side does the trick, but if the fold is a bit deep, ironing both sides will take care of it.



- Do not place cowhide in a washing machine, immerse it in water, tumble dry, or have it dry cleaned.

- Avoid steam cleaners or professional cleaning companies.

- Never use bleach, any strong solvents, or harsh soaps on your cowhide rug.