Our Story
Hand Selected Luxury Cowhides
Since 1992

Saddlemans originated in the charming city of Santa Fe, NM where it was founded in 1992. Formerly named Saddlemans of Santa Fe, Lance Nolder started in a small garage with goals of expansion and breaking barriers with innovative ideas. Since then Saddlemans has established their new headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA and have also adopted the shorter name of Saddlemans.


Lance, a young entrepreneur, was ready to make his dream a reality. After traveling the world for 2 years, his goal was to open his own business. The experience and immersion in different cultures contributed to his idea to commercialize a product that was natural and could be utilized in creative ways for his customers. Brazil, best known for its excellence in exportation of leather goods, was one of the countries that the young entrepreneur visited that sparked the interest in the bovine hides. It captured the attention of his visionary mind and to this day, he has the opportunity and pleasure of personally selecting each cowhide from the tanneries in Brazil.


Saddlemans offers only the finest quality Brazilian cowhides and each hide is handpicked for its individual beauty. Every hide is unique and diverse in its own way. Due to the distinctive nature of the hides, slight variations in each piece are normal and no two pieces are exactly alike. Saddlemans unique collections of Brazilian cowhides are known in the industry as a standard of luxury quality and purity. This is because the core of the company is a devotion to provide only the most extraordinary and impressive hides available to vendors to the retail market.