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Dark Brindle with Complementing Leather Trim

Each of our trimmed line combines a hide of exceptional quality with a leather trim for a clean, contemporary look.

A tawny-brown hide with rich blacks and browns. In addition to its velvety tonal gradations this piece has a modern leather trim for an elegant finish.

Every hide is hand selected for an outstanding look and feel. Sourced from Brazilian master tanners, your hide will be unique and among the finest in the world.


Since 1992 we’ve worked with some of the best tanners in the world. Each of our Brazilian partners shares our total commitment to quality, sustainability and ethical production.

Our trimmed line of hides carries a leather trim around the edge to create clean lines for a contemporary, polished finish.

We use state-of-the-art European machinery to ensure industry-leading quality.

We also hand pick every hide. To this day Lance Nolder, Saddlemans’ founder, chooses each one himself. Attention to detail makes sure our products are consistently outstanding.

From nature, each hide is unique. As such, it will differ a little from our product image. With its distinctive color, shape, texture and feel, it will be a true one-of-a-kind.


Your hide is unique. As such, please use our sizing as a guide.


Approx. weight 10 lbs.

Approx. size 6 x 6 (28-36 Sq. Ft.)


Approx. weight 12 lbs.

Approx. size 6 x 7.5 (37-42 Sq. Ft.)

Extra Large

Approx. weight 14 lbs.

Approx. size 6.5 x 7.5 (43-47 Sq. Ft.)

Special sizes are also available - please get in touch and tell us what you have in mind.

Hand-picked and expertly finished by our tanners, your hide will be ready for dispatch in five to seven working days.