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Metallic Cowhides

Do you need a little bling for your room?
Then the Modern Metallics collection is perfect for you!
These Natural Brazilian Cowhides are accented with a Metallic foil overlay 
and are a wonderful compliment to different metallic accessories & textures used in any room.
This collection comes in 1 size only and averages a Large approx. 6' x 7.5'.
Saddlemans’ Modern Metallics collection helps you convey the look and feel of luxury and elegance to any room. A metallic foil overlay is added to our spectacular 100% Natural Brazilian Cowhides, resulting in a beautiful, shimmery statement piece. Our Modern Metallics cowhide rugs are available in ivory, gold, silver, white, bronze, grey and a variety of patterns! All rugs come in a 6’ x 7.5’ size. Quality is our number-one priority, and we are proud to support tanneries that practice eco-savvy and sustainable processes. We have traveled to Brazil numerous times throughout the year for almost 30 years, establishing personal relationships with trusted suppliers. It is these relationships that allow us to hand-select the best that these tanneries have to offer. In this way, we’re also able to help protect the environment with the selection of superior metallic cowhide rugs and other products we offer. We hope you will join us in supporting these efforts with your responsible purchase of cowhides that have been produced in an ethically sensitive manner. Our Modern Metallics cowhide rugs are a high-end, durable product that will last for many years. Like all natural products, cowhide rugs will wear over time, but with proper care, you will be able to prolong their beauty, luster, and life. Always keep your cowhide rug in a dry environment and away from direct sunlight. Place it in a low-traffic area and rotate as needed for even wear. With a little bit of care, your Saddlemans cowhide will provide years of comfort and appeal. Browse our collection of cowhide rugs in metallic prints, ivory, gold, silver, white and more for a luxurious option.