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Leather Trimmed Cowhides

Do you want a cow hide that pops, with a more finished look? 
This Cowhide collection comes with a complimenting colored leather trim,
and works great for rooms that need a more defined look or focal point.
*This collection is stock photography*
If you want the exact hide you see, then head to the Hand Pick Leather Trimmed Menu!
At Saddleman’s, we’re known for our genuine cowhide rugs made from Brazilian leather. We only offer the best in luxury leather cowhide rugs, which feature beauty and quality workmanship by the best tanneries the industry has to offer. Saddlemans’ unique collection of trimmed Brazilian leather rugs will provide year after year of beauty, luster, and durability to any home or office area. With minimal care on your part—ensuring your cowhide rug is placed in a low-traffic area, remains out of direct sunlight, and is kept in a dry environment—your leather-trimmed cowhide rug will add a luxurious look to any space for years to come. All of the options in Saddlemans’ collection of leather-trimmed cowhide rugs offer a polished look that sets them apart from other types of rugs. We start with an exceptional quality cowhide that’s been hand-selected by Saddlemans’ owner and then add a colored leather trim that complements the color of the cowhide. Select from our beautiful neutral-tone hides, like champagne with caramel brown trim, gris grey with dark charcoal trim, or gris tan-and-grey mix with a complementary chocolate brown trim. Or choose one of our stunning patterned natural Brazilian cowhides, like light brindle with dark charcoal grey trim, black/white salt-and-pepper with jet black trim, or stenciled zebra with jet black trim. Our 100% natural, trimmed Brazilian leather cowhide rugs add a contemporary look to any room, providing a great focal point and conversation starter. When you select one of our leather-trimmed cowhide rugs, you’re guaranteed a quality rug that’s been carefully and artfully crafted by tanneries that practice eco-savvy and sustainable processes. With quality being our number-one priority, we are also proud to do our part to help protect the environment by supporting these trusted suppliers. Peruse our collection of leather-trimmed cowhides for a rug that really pops.