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Laser & Embossed Cowhides

Does your project need a Bohemian or an Edgy feel? 
Precision Laser cuts and Embossed detailing are added to our Natural Brazilian Cowhides
to create prints that are perfect for rugs, upholstery, or your fabrication needs.
This collection comes in 1 size only and averages a Large.
Feel like you want to add an eccentric, alternative cowhide design to your interior? Adding an edgy or boho feel to any room is easy with our line of laser and embossed Natural Brazilian Cowhides.These cowhides are great for upholstery projects, too! We add unique detailing using precision laser cuts and embossing to give our cowhides an edgy look and feel. These specialized animal-print cowhides are perfect for upholstery, handbags, rugs, or any other needs you have to make your room or accessories stand out. Saddlemans was founded by Lance Nolder, who first sold leather accessories at open-air markets in California and Santa Fe, so we know a thing or two about the leather accessory and cowhide industry. Quality has always been our number-one priority, and we are proud to say that we support eco-savvy and sustainable processes. When you purchase a Natural Brazilian Cowhide from us, you are supporting ethical practices that protect the environment. Our laser and embossed cowhides won’t shed under normal circumstances and will last for years to come when properly cared for. We hand select each hide and oversee every detail in the manufacturing process, ensuring a high-quality end product that we’re honored to stand behind. With a bright luster and a soft surface, our premium cowhides are great for upholstery or adding the perfect touch to any room. Since cowhide is a natural product, no two are ever exactly alike, and our real cowhide rugs are for sale in one size, which averages a large. Please keep this in mind when selecting any of our laser and embossed Natural Brazilian Cowhides.