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Large Cowhide Hospitality Pieces

Do you have a large Hospitality project to tackle? Maybe a bar/restaurant or a hotel lobby?
These One-of-a-Kind handmade hanging pieces by LA design team Post & Gleam are truly unique!
Creators Trevor Pearson and Courtney Julep produced these 2 pieces exclusively for Saddlemans!
If you’re looking for a large, one-of-a-kind cowhide wall hanging, look no further than Saddlemans. Whether you’re decorating a bar or restaurant, hotel lobby, office interior, or you just want some Western decor in your home, our large cowhide wall art pieces are sure to make a unique, bold statement. We work with a talented L.A. design team to produce outstanding framed cowhide wall art that is perfect for any large hospitality project. These large-scale statement pieces are sure to make a big impact in any space. Our 100% natural Brazilian cowhides are known for their luxury, quality, and purity. We work one-on-one with Brazilian tanneries, the best in the world, to source high-quality hides from those tanneries that demonstrate eco-savvy, sustainable practices. When you purchase an extraordinary, luxurious cowhide from Saddlemans, you support these responsible efforts made by the tanneries that craft each one in an ethically sensitive manner, helping protect the environment. Saddlemans cowhides are crafted with the best European machinery and techniques, which results in a superior cowhide product that won’t shed and has no chemical odors. When properly cared for, our cowhide hospitality pieces remain beautiful and durable year after year with the minimal amount of care. We’re committed to offering the highest quality of extraordinary cowhides on the market that have been hand sourced and produced with careful attention to detail. This means you can be assured of a superior piece of cowhide wall art that will bring that wow factor to your hotel decorations, bar, or restaurant space.