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Hand Pick Your Cowhides - M, L, XL

Hand Pick Your Cowhides - M, L, XL

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This is your collection to shop if you want to Hand Pick Your Cowhides and be assured of a certain look.
There is no additional cost for Hand Picking On-Line; enjoy the same great price per hide.
Get the exact cowhide you are looking at. There is only 1 of each you see!
Our number-one priority at Saddlemans is quality. For the past 30 years, we have traveled to Brazil to meet with our trusted suppliers of the best Natural Brazilian luxury Cowhides. Over the years we’ve developed personal relationships with these tanneries that practice sustainable, eco-savvy processes. Using these quality cowhides, coupled with our processes using only the finest European machinery and techniques, results in a product that will continue to offer years of beauty and luster, while maintaining its durability when properly cared for. Keeping in mind that no two hides are alike, you’ll find a wide selection of colors to choose from in our collection that allows you to hand pick your cowhides. Our luxury cowhides come in medium, large, and XL. For color options, choose from ivory, champagne, beige, tan, grey, or sand-colored options. For medium tones, browse our beige brindle, medium tri-color, brown white, or black brown hides. Or if you want a patterned look, choose from a variety of animal print colors like the brown white special, black white special, grey gradient, salt and pepper, and exotic tri-color. These are just a sampling of the cowhides we offer in our handpicked collection. The majority of the luxury cowhides produced by our trusted suppliers in Brazil are a byproduct of the meat industry, where they strive to use all material left over. Their tireless efforts and commitment to protecting the environment through the use of sustainable processes are the reason they are the best at what they do. And it’s the reason we work with them to select the very best luxury cowhides they have to offer. When you hand pick your cowhides from us, you can be assured that every hide has been produced with personal care and dedication to bring you the best quality cowhide anywhere.