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Hand Pick Your Leather Trimmed Cowhides

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If you’re in need of a particular look, our Hand-Picked Leather Trimmed Brazilian Cowhide Collection allows you to choose the look you want. With a variety of colors and patterns, each with a carefully curated leather trim that makes the whole thing pop, this selection offers a contemporary look that really stands out. Our artisan partners start with an exceptional quality, 100% natural Brazilian cowhide—the very best in luxury hair-on-hides available—and then add a colored leather trim to really make the cowhide stand out. Saddlemans’ leather-trimmed cowhides are a fantastic focal point for any room. With a focus on quality and sustainable practices, Saddlemans is proud to lead the way in providing superior cowhides, and we’ve done so for 30 years. Our Brazilian cowhides are known in the industry for their luxurious look and feel and for their purity. This stems from our long-term personal relationships with the Brazilian tanneries we continue to visit throughout the year. These craftsmen use the best European machinery and techniques, resulting in the extraordinary products you see on our website. That’s the reason we’re able to continue to offer the widest selection of colors and styles in the industry. We’re honored to offer a large selection of one-of-a-kind cowhides in our Hand-Picked Leather Trimmed Collection. From champagne and gris grey, to brindle, black and white, grey, zebra, and salt-and-pepper, our Brazilian cowhide collection offers a variety of colors and patterns to help you round out the look of any room. And when cared for properly, your cowhide rug will last year over year. We recommend placing it out of direct sunlight and in a low-traffic area when possible. Keep your new cowhide dry, and clean it with a good shake or by vacuuming it on the lowest setting. Following these and our other care tips will help prolong the beauty and luster of your leather-trimmed cowhide rug.