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Hand Pick Your Cowhides - Only Oversized

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When you’re in need of quality cowhide material for upholstery or fabrication jobs that require more yardage, look through our selection of large cowhide rugs for sale, available in a variety of colors and patterns. Each oversized cowhide is hand selected by Saddlemans’ owner and founder, ensuring the best quality of luxury hair-on-hide product on the market. You’ll find that these oversized hides for upholstery purposes are more rare than other cowhides and are available in sizes from 48 to 62 square feet of material. Whether you need cowhide material for furniture upholstery, create accessories such as pillows, or are in need of an oversized cowhide to use as a wall hanging or rug for a large space, an oversized cowhide can provide you with the look you want, with plenty of yardage for your project. These 100% natural Brazilian cowhides are one-of-a-kind and range in color from gris grey to light and medium brindle tan, and in exotic patterns like black-and-white and tri-color. As with all of our Brazilian cowhides, you’ll find our oversized collection of cowhide material for upholstery to be a high-quality, durable product, lasting many years when cared for properly. You’ll want to keep your oversized cowhide in a dry environment, away from direct sunlight when possible, and clean by shaking it outdoors or using a vacuum on the lowest setting—never immerse it in water or a washing machine or have it dry cleaned. With appropriate care, you’ll be able to prolong the beauty and luster of your cowhide for many years.