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Custom Design Your Cowhide Rug

Do you need to Customize a cow hide rug for your special design project? No problem!
1st choose your pattern.
Then let us know what color and size.
We'll get your Cowhide rug produced in Brazil, custom for you, in an average of 10-18 weeks!
Request your Quote today on any patterns shown.
These rugs are for the Design Trade Only. We can help you find someone local though!
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You may have a specific pattern or style in mind when shopping for a cowhide rug to round out your room’s décor. With our custom design option, you can customize your Brazilian cowhide rug, selecting the color, pattern, and size you want. A specialized team of artisans who are part of our trusted suppliers in Brazil will then handcraft your custom cowhide with careful attention to detail using only the finest cowhides that are hand picked by Saddlemans. The custom cowhide rug designs we offer combine a number of natural hide colors that you select, which are blended together into a beautifully unified pattern. Choose a bold, graphic look by selecting from our geometric shaped patterns, with contrasting light and dark cowhide colors. Or select a more understated look by choosing lighter shades of hides, blended into a more subtle pattern. Some patterns even give the impression of hardwood or floor tile, all crafted from the highest quality cowhides available on the market. If you want to stand out from the crowd and have a unique look to call your own, you’ll want to invest in a beautiful Brazilian cowhide rug that you can custom design yourself. Each of our custom designed cowhide rugs is crafted with hide from master tanners and assembled by hand by talented artisans, resulting in an extraordinary rug that will last for many years to come. Use our custom design feature to design a custom Brazilian cowhide rug that will add an exclusive, one-of-a-kind look to any room.