Assorted Cowhides

Regular price $341.00
Are you a wholesaler?

Introducing our Assorted Collection; specifically created for the more price conscience shopper! If you're open to the look and color, we can pass along great savings here to you!

Each individual hide already has a great lowered price point, but if you buy in groups of 4 you can Bundle & Save an additional 5% off! 

Should you choose bundles however, we will always try our very best to send 1/2 light hides and 1/2 dark hides so you receive varying looks. 

*Please note- they are a "grab bag" from Brazil, and a specific hide cannot be chosen.

SIZE: LARGE Approximately 6' x 7.5' 

Our 100% Natural Brazilian Cowhides are the very best available in Luxury Hair on Hide. Each hide is hand selected by our owner, still to this day, after 27 years! This sets us above the rest and ensures your new hide is unmatched in beauty and quality.

*Cowhides are products of nature, so no 2 are ever alike. This includes variations in size, color, texture, hair length, pattern, branding, and patches. These variations are a normal part of buying cowhides, and is what makes your hide truly one-of-a-kind!

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