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Ethically Sourced Brazilian Cowhides Since 1992

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Ethically Sourced Brazilian Cowhides Since 1992

Saddlemans’ Brazilian cowhides are known in the industry for their quality, luxury, and purity.  Since 1992, we have traveled to Brazil to work with the best tanneries in the world to become the leading branded hair-on-hide supplier in the country. We are dedicated to providing you with the most extraordinary high-quality cattle hides available on the retail market. And we continue to offer the widest selection of colors, styles, and sizes on the market as well. 

Saddlemans is meticulously committed to every detail in the process, whether for a hand-selected hide or for a hand-crafted custom cow skin rug. As a result, we pledge our Brazilian cowhides to be a durable, high-end natural product that will last for many years when properly cared for. You have our assurance that quality remains our top priority as we visit our friends in Brazil throughout the year. Saddlemans continues to hand-select the very best they have to offer, thanks to our long-term and personal relationships with these trusted suppliers. 

Supporting those tanneries that practice eco-savvy and sustainable processes is at the heart of our business. By working with tanneries that demonstrate sustainable procedures, we’re honored to help protect the environment by providing superior cow skin rugs and other cowhide products that have been crafted in an ethically sensitive way. We urge you to support these efforts by purchasing your cattle hides responsibly. 

Browse our hide collections, from Natural to Metallic, Stenciled, Solid Dyed, and more. Or, if you are in the design trade, let us create a custom cow skin rug for your special design project. We also craft Brazilian cowhide pillows to add the perfect touch to any size piece of furniture and room, with a reversible style for two great looks in one. Our uncompromising dedication to being the best is the reason we remain the industry leader for cowhides. We pledge that you will receive the highest quality cowhide, because each item is produced with personal care and attention.